Hello and welcome, I’m Dawn Buckley, founder of Inside Out Personal Consulting, the place to find inner flow to then manifest outer flow and a happy life.

I work in partnership with people to help them meet their challenges and live their dreams both in their business and personal life. I work with people in all walks of life; businessmen and women at all levels, leaders, executives, health professionals, entrepreneurs, sports people, artists, parents those at transition points in their life . . .

I have combined my skills as a Business-woman, Business and Personal Coach, Counsellor and Psychotherapist, Elite Sportswoman and Artist and have created a unique offering to people wishing to create transformational change in their lives both personal and business.

My desire is to enable individuals to find their ‘flow’ both in their work and in their personal life. This includes being able to handle whatever challenges life throws their way, aligning their decisions with their passions and core values, managing themselves effectively when they need to be at the peak of their performance and maintaining a general state of well-being in between. In the place of flow is happiness, something we all deserve.

Call me, Dawn, on 07973 826 052 or email info@dawnbuckley.co.uk